November 12, 2014

OCC Librarians Working For You: See What We've Been Up To Lately.

Your OCC librarians are constantly seeking ways to improve the library and become better at what we do. Here are some highlights of our most recent professional development activities: 
Google Hangout on the topic of LibGuides September 10, 2014
sponsored by SEMLOL – the Southeast Michigan League of Libraries
  • Your OCC Librarians use web-based software called LibGuides to create research guides. Each research guide pulls together books, articles, and websites on a variety of topics such as American History, Biology Business, Careers, Government, Nursing, Sociology, and more.
  • Alphabetical list of OCC research guides:
Copyright for Educators & Librarians July 21 – August 18, 2014
sponsored by Duke University, Emory University, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • A MOOC is a massive, open, online course. This particular MOOC helped your OCC Librarians “accomplish their legitimate educational goals in ways that respect copyright and reduce the fear and uncertainty that sometimes hampers creative teaching.”
Going Beyond Google June 12, 2014
sponsored by American Libraries Live
Academic Libraries 2014 Conference May 29-30, 2014
sponsored by the Michigan Library Association
  • This event “shared best practices, emerging trends, career advancements, mentorship and future goals for academic libraries of all sizes and library professionals.” Individual sessions were titled:
    • Engaging Faculty in Information Literacy
    • Coaching New Librarians in Teaching and Learning
    • Copyright and You – Building a Comprehensive Copyright Course for Students
    • Flip Your Class and Keep Flipping: Transforming Library Instruction
    • Meeting the Challenge of Community College Librarianship: Trends Ahead and Competencies Needed
Negotiation of E-Resource Licensing & Pricing Terms May 7, 2014
sponsored by the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services
  • Participants in this webinar learned successful strategies for negotiating the cost and terms of electronic resources. These strategies help keep costs down and maximize the number of research databases that the OCC Libraries can subscribe to.
Michigan Virtual Reference Conference April 25, 2014
sponsored by Research Help Now & Eastern Michigan University Library
  • “Virtual reference” refers to the research help that your OCC Librarians provide via chat (aka instant message). We are part of a large network of college and university libraries that enables you to get research help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Individual sessions were titled:
    • Texting Reference: What is Success?
    • Student Desk Assistants vs. Professional Librarians: How do Their Chat Transcripts Compare?
    • Negotiating Instruction in the Chat Environment
    • Gamestorming Virtual Reference
Securing Your Library in Troubling Times April 10, 2014
sponsored by the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, the Library of Michigan, and the Cooperative Directors Association
  • In partnership with the Michigan State Police, participants received “training from the State Police about personal safety and developing an Active Shooter policy and procedures. There was input from librarians who have dealt with violence in their workplaces and instruction on layout and design of library space to reduce risk.”
MeLCat Users Day November 4, 2013
sponsored by the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services·
  • MeLCat is short for Michigan eLibrary Catalog, and it’s a statewide network that puts Michigan libraries at your fingertips. If OCC doesn’t have the book or article you need, your librarians will find it for you and have it delivered – for free – from another library.
Submitted by Christy Malmsten
Faculty Librarian
Auburn Hills Campus Library

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  1. I think the OCC Highland Lakes librarians are the greatest! They are always courteous, helpful, and professional. They never flinch, no matter my question. I have every respect for them and thank them as genuinely, profusely, and sincerely as I can. THANK YOU!!