January 25, 2019

Celebrate Black History Month Through Reading

OCC Libraries in partnership with The OCC Diversity Committees are proud to participate in the 30th National African American Read-In on February 5-19, 2019.

OCC Students and employees are invited to hear readings or read a brief passage aloud from books written by African American authors. The goal of this event is to celebrate Black History Month and bring awareness about the contributions African Americans have made to the literary world.

See our Black History Month research guide for title ideas or ask any OCC Librarian.

Events will be held on:
  • February 5 at Highland Lakes from 10:30am-3pm Library, Woodland Hall
  • February 6 at Orchard Ridge from 11am-1pm Library, Room K-200
  • February 13 at Southfield from 11am-1pm Student Center, Room A129
  • February 18 at Auburn Hills from 12pm-1:30pm Library, Room D206
  • February 19 at Royal Oak from 10:30am-12:00pm Alcove