May 13, 2013

Featured Database: Opposing Viewpoints In Context

Opposing Viewpoints in Context
is a hidden gem on the OCC Libraries Website. Available to students, staff and faculty, this subscription-only electronic database offers a treasure trove of information on today’s hottest social issues.

More than 5,000 controversial topics are covered including cloud computing, Western diets, and designer babies. Searchers are rewarded with 14,000+ viewpoint essays penned by authors either for or against an issue, thus giving the database its name. In addition, Opposing Viewpoints in Context has articles, podcasts, images, visual data and primary source documents—collected all in one place so readers can make their own informed decisions. Anything retrieved can be downloaded, printed, e-mailed or shared to social media.

Hunting for the same amount and quality of sources on Google is simply impossible. The overwhelming majority of information presented is unique to Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Off-campus access to the database is easy and requires an OCC username and password. By encouraging critical thinking, Opposing Viewpoints in Context is perfect for students writing argumentative papers--or anyone wishing to stay current on today’s issues. Contact an OCC Librarian for help or a demonstration.

Submitted by Terri Frank
Adjunct Librarian
Auburn Hills Campus Library

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