April 16, 2015

Library instruction sessions help improve student learning

The OCC Library website is a gateway to a wide variety of credible resources that students can use to do research for their classes.  When it comes to doing research for an assignment, there is so much more available than Google and Wikipedia!   Here are some ways in which OCC faculty have introduced their students to the Library and its incredible resources & services: 
Each semester for both my U.S. and World history courses, I utilize extensively the OCC library system.  Students are required to write essays and/or papers from challenging research questions using required sources such as nonfiction books, peer-reviewed articles, and the links the library provides to their approved history web sites.  I also provide the reference librarians with the assigned questions and/or research essay topics to make their time efficient in helping my students.  By the end of the semester I have students who tell me they have learned more about a person or event and they now know how to better utilize the library's resources.  OCC has an excellent library which I not only use in my classes but for myself.
Nancy E. Shockley, M.A., History Faculty
The OCC Library staff has helped me to open the eyes of my Intro to Gerontology students and now Sociology of Aging students to all the awesome services available to them. The students are required to do a special assignment regarding aging issues by utilizing Professional Journals. The library staff has not only taken the time to help students with this specific assignment, but takes time to help them with all library issues.  Special thanks to this amazing OCC Library Team.
Midge Appel,  Adjunct Faculty
Visit the For Faculty page on the library website to find out more about how the OCC Libraries can help faculty improve student research skills, schedule a library instruction session, or go here to contact your campus librarian for more information.

Submitted by Carol Benson
Faculty Librarian
Royal Oak Campus Library

March 31, 2015

New look for Gale databases starting April 2

Beginning April 2, many of the databases provided by Gale at the OCC Libraries will introduce a new look with improved functionality. The changes bring in a more modern, responsive design optimized for any screen size and a more unified look and feel across all the Gale databases. All the previous functionality of these databases has been preserved, but some features and menus have been relocated to improve functionality.

The affected databases include:
See an overview of the enhancements.

March 25, 2015

Last chance for free Library Success Seminars in April

There are just a few more chances to attend Library Success Seminars coming up in April.  These sessions cover a variety of topics related to library research and are designed to improve your library success skills. Ask your instructor about extra credit for attending any of these seminars. See the Library Instruction page for more information about seminars at all OCC campuses.

Auburn Hills Campus Library
These free seminars are held in room D206 in the Auburn Hills Library. See full schedule here.
  • Evaluating Websites
    Learn how to identify trustworthy websites. Not all .com websites are bad, and not all .edu websites are perfect!
    Tues March 31 from 5-5:30 pm
    Weds April 1 from 12-12:30 pm
  • Michigan Libraries at Your Fingertips
    Learn how to use MeLCat to request materials from other libraries and have them delivered to an OCC campus.
    Tues April 7 from 5-5:30 pm
    Weds April 8 from 12-12:30 pm
  • Google Scholar & Google Advanced Search
    We can show you tips and tricks that will change the way you search the web.
    Tues April 21 from 5-5:30 pm
    Weds April 22 from 12-12:30 pm
Royal Oak Campus Library
Seminars are held in the Royal Oak Campus Library room C202. See full schedule here.
Southfield Campus Library 
Seminars are held in the Southfield Campus Library room A212E. See full schedule here.

March 18, 2015

Human Library @ the Highland Lakes Student Center

Flyer for the 2015 Human Library event
Have you ever wondered what it is like to be deaf?  What it is like to live with a mental illness?  What it is like to have survived cancer three times?  At the OCC Highland Lakes Campus Diversity Fair on Thursday April 2, the HL Campus Diversity Committee and OCC Libraries will host our eighth Human Library event that allows “readers” to checkout volunteer “books” who represent multiple areas of diversity.  Human Books represent a cross section of society that have been stereotyped.  “Books” are not asked to be experts, but instead asked to be themselves and tell their story in response to questions asked by the “Reader”.  This exercise allowed “Books” and “Readers” alike to meet people from other walks of life that they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.

The Human Library was started in 2000 in Denmark to help break down barriers and end prejudice. The idea was simple: if you meet people from other walks of life, people different than yourself, they become real and no longer belong to a faceless group.  Once people start talking and getting to know one another, it becomes harder to discriminate against others as we realize we are more similar than we are different.  For more information, please go to www.humanlibrary.org.

On Thursday April 2nd, at the OCC Highland Lakes Campus Student Center from noon – 5pm, our Human Library will have 20 Human Book titles.  Please come and check them out.

Submitted by Allison McFadden-Keesling
Faculty Librarian
Highland Lakes Campus Library

March 9, 2015

Winter 2015 Art Exhibit Opening Reception March 11 at the Auburn Hills Campus Library

All are invited to an opening reception for the new art exhibit featuring seven of OCC student Mingjie Zhang’s paintings on Wednesday, March 11 from 4-6pm in the Auburn Hills Campus Library. The paintings will be on display through April 30. The reception and exhibit are co-sponsored by the Auburn Hills Library and the Auburn Hills Art department.

See the flyer for more information.